In 1986 a man named Antony succeeded in implanting and integrating a Z80 computer chip into the brain of a monkey.  He broke into a Neurosurgical Hospital and used skills he had learnt whilst watching advanced brain surgery as a theatre orderly to individually connect the legs of the integrated chip with individual neurons in the monkey's brain.  It recovered from the anaesthetic with advanced motor function and the problem solving ability of a 4 year old child.

Over the years Antony has developed his skills; in 1997 he found himself able to quickly and easily hack secure websites, accessing classified information for his own entertainment.  Having quietly served his time in a maximum security unit he decided to cultivate his ability for more widespread gains.

Last year, using regional anaesthetic techniques learnt in the operating theatre, he successfully implanted a Bluetooth module with a very large storage capacity in his own brain which allows him to store and process massive amounts of information as well as communicating with local Bluetooth devices such as GPS systems, telephones and internet hubs.

By creating a reality overlay for the specifications of the iPhone Antony created the Apps on this website.  He generated the website and all of its content in 0.06 seconds.  It is hosted entirely from within his brain; if the site seems slow or unresponsive don't worry; he's probably gone to the pub.